Memphis Irrigation Systems and Installation

What would you do with the extra you could get back if you had an irrigation system which took care of watering your landscaping for you? With a professional irrigation system, you can not only save time and money with an energy-efficient, water-saving landscaping device, but you can have peace of mind knowing that even when you’re away from home, your landscaping will be well cared for.

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Benefits of an Irrigation System

What are the advantages of installing a professional irrigation system? As it turns out, a professional irrigation system can save you time, money, and energy when it comes to your landscaping. Here’s how.

Remote Monitoring

While watering your lawn and landscaping by hand can be time-consuming, using an sprinkler system means you don’t have to worry about multiple daily waterings. Instead, program your irrigation system to do the work for you. 

Programmable Irrigation Systems

Programmable irrigation systems like those used by our team of irrigation system professionals offer remote monitoring which allows you to choose when and how often you water your landscaping. You never have to worry about asking a friend or family member to take on the chore while you’re out of town.

Energy Efficiency

Many of today’s sprinkler systems offer energy-efficient options that help you determine the right amount of water your landscaping needs to be healthy and energy efficient. This not only conserves water for the environment and prevents excessive water from reaching your landscaping and the environment, but it also cuts down on utility costs, especially for homeowners with expansive outdoor landscaping or large gardens.

Say Goodbye to the Garden Hose

One of the best features of an irrigation system is you’ll no longer have to worry about lugging a garden hose from flower bed to flower bed. With a custom irrigation system designed specifically for your landscaping, you can ensure your garden, trees, shrubs, and flower beds all receive optimal hydration with no garden hoses needed. 

A Great Gift for Parents and Grandparents who Love Gardening

If you have aging parents and grandparents who love spending time in their garden, consider investing in an irrigation system which prevents them from having to carry heavy garden hoses around. Garden hoses can easily cause one to fall, and they are not easily put away. Irrigation systems prevent both the need to worry with garden hoses and to spend hours in the sweltering sun. Call us today or contact us online to request a quote.


Irrigation Services from Gurley's

When it comes to irrigation systems, we rely on proven installation techniques and partnerships with the best equipment manufacturers in the industry. We provide you with full head-to-head landscaping coverage, which means your yard or landscape receives even, consistent hydration, eliminating any uneven areas. The Gurley's approach to irrigation services keeps your landscaping beautiful and healthy while also promoting water conservation through efficient distribution. Contact Gurley's Azalea Garden to make watering your landscaping and lawn a thing of the past. 

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