Simple Design Landscaping Project in Memphis | Gurley's Azalea Garden

When this family moved into their new home, it had the typical builder package for landscape but nothing to really set it apart. They asked us to update their entire yard with a totally new look, seeking to increase the curb appeal and create a wow factor. To accomplish this, we set our sights on coming up with an elegant mixture of stone work and planters, as well as a new driveway inlet.

To keep the property visually engaging throughout the year, we chose plants that would bloom during different seasons. We renovated the walkway, installing Dwarf Mondo grass between the steppers to create contrast. In the backyard, we upped the architectural detail by building a wall fountain framed by an arbor. In the front yard, we used a variety of large and small plants to add textural dimension to the line of sight. Our featured addition was a layered grouping of hydrangeas, encore azaleas and daylilies, which create an unforgettable mixture of hues and petal shapes during blooming season. 

A vibrant mixture of color and life, the home's new outdoor environment truly makes it stand out from every other home around it.