backyard patio design

Creating outdoor living spaces with beauty and definition means balancing hardscapes, ceilings, and circulation patterns.

Hardscapes can be wooden decks, different types of paving or stonework, even water features. Ceilings are raised features, such as covered arbors and pavilions or building structures, like pool houses. Circulation patterns take into consideration how an area will be utilized to create a natural flow for people.

During your consultation with us we will talk with you about your ideas and your needs for your dream space. Outdoor spaces can be used for many things and we want to make sure we understand everything you are wanting. Important things to consider when planning are site views, drainage concerns, and sun and shade orientation. Once these aspects have been considered, leave it to us to find ways to tie your new outdoor space into your home.

Worried about how much this is going to cost? Not to worry! We can install the project in phases so that you can get the project of your dreams with the quality you deserve.

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