Memphis Landscape Screening Design

Landscape screening is a technique used to maintain privacy, hide inconvenient utility structures or soften physical property markers, like fences. Subtle, well-designed landscape screening can enhance the overall beauty of your home or business and keep visual attention where you want it.


The Best Plants for Privacy Screens

Every home has unique quirks that call for different types of screening. Whether you are looking to add privacy around your swimming pool or just want to cover up an old shed, there are a variety of plants, shrubs, and trees that help make your home more private. Using plants for landscape screening will not only add more privacy to your home, but will also provide more shade and beauty. A few effective plants for screening are:

  • Evergreen trees

  • Vines

  • Boxwood

  • Arborvitaes

  • Holly

  • Cryptomeria

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3 Tips for Landscape Screening

If you are looking to add more privacy to your home, landscape screening is incredibly effective and beneficial when done correctly. Screening takes more than just purchasing and planting shrubs and trees in your backyard. There are a variety of ways to make your landscape screening more effective and unique. 

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1. Layer Up for Privacy

One easy technique for privacy screening is learning to add layers around your home. Many homeowners tend to plant one type of plant for privacy around a particular part of their home. However, this could end up being a drastic mistake if pests get a hold of the plants, causing each of them to die. Instead, grouping a variety of your favorite trees and shrubs together for screening will help enhance beauty and privacy while also preventing issues from arising in the future.

2. Consider Maintenance

As with any landscaping project, plants for privacy will require maintenance. When choosing the plants or trees you invest in for privacy, it’s important to consider how much maintenance you are willing to put in to keep up with your landscaping screens. If you aren’t sure about which plants require less maintenance, our team can give professional advice about how to carefully select trees and shrubs for privacy with maintenance in mind.

3. Selecting the Location

Before beginning your screening project, start by thinking about which areas of your yard you want to be more hidden and how each plant can accomplish that goal. Because each tree or shrub you invest in will grow uniquely, it’s important to carefully select their locations. This will help your landscape screening project to be more effective overall. 

Landscape Screening Services at Gurley’s in Memphis

At Gurley’s Azalea Garden, we have a 5-acre plant nursery stocked with large plants that are ideal for creating a beautiful, natural screen between properties or hiding storage structures. We also maintain close relationships with renowned growers throughout the area who provide us with the highest quality and largest varieties of plants available in our region. So, for special projects which require already-mature plants, we have the ability to conjure instant shade and privacy for you.

Contact Gurley's Azalea Garden at 901-472-7629, or fill out a form for consultation on what plant materials or structures we can create to block out those unsightly objects from your outdoor patio space or home.