Custom Outdoor Structures in Memphis

Whether it is extending a roofline to create more covered patio space or adding a screened porch to your home to increase interior square footage, Gurley’s has the design knowledge and construction experience to create elegant, reliable structures that last. We can make your new addition stand out or seamlessly blend it into the original architecture and style of your home. 

How can I transform my outdoor space?

4 Timeless Outdoor Structures That Will Add Value to Your Home

When helping you design a custom outdoor structure for your home, we want to make sure you will love it for years to come. Outdoor trends will come and go, but there are a variety of timeless structures that you are sure to love longterm. 

1. Custom Pergolas and Cabanas

Creating shade and outdoor rooms with pergolas or covered cabanas is a great way to expand and enhance your outdoor living spaces. Pergolas can turn an ordinary backyard into a comfortable spot to relax with friends and family. We love helping customers custom design pergolas and cabanas, because there are endless ways to make them your own. No matter your landscape design, these structures can fit perfectly into your backyard. From natural wood frames to steel and aluminum, there are a variety of different materials to choose from when designing your very own pergola or cabana. Whether the pergola is attached or freestanding, we can do it all. 

2. Custom Porches and Patios

Porches and patios are functional and valuable additions to your home. No matter the size or shape of your landscape design, our team can help you design a custom porch or patio to complement your home. Because porches and patios can be customized from top to bottom with materials, shape, and size, they are one of the best investments you will make for your landscaping. Installing a porch or patio comes with a variety of benefits, including:

  • Creates a relaxing outdoor environment

  • Adds value and curb appeal to your home

  • Can keep outdoor furniture dry

3. Custom Fire Pits and Fireplaces

If you are looking to add ambience and relaxation to your outdoor space, look no further than a custom-built fire pit or fireplace. What better way to enjoy a night with friends than to relax next to a warm fire while having meaningful conversations? Custom fire pits and fireplaces are one of our favorite custom outdoor structures to build, because each of our customers has a unique taste and vision for their living space. Outdoor fire pits and fireplaces come in a variety of styles. From rustic to elegant, our team can help design a fireplace fit for your outdoor needs.

What should I know about designing an outdoor fireplace? 

4. Custom Garden Bridges

Interested in livening up your water garden or pond? Garden bridges have been around for many years and continue to be one of the most beautiful outdoor structures you can install in your landscape design. Whether you want to incorporate a garden bridge to complement a koi pond or just want a stand alone structure, our team can make your vision become a reality. Garden bridges can be built in a variety of materials, allowing you to customize as much or as little as you wish. When it comes to garden bridges, the options are endless! 

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Custom Outdoor Structures at Gurley’s in Memphis

Structural considerations and planning are required when attaching a pergola to an existing structure, so it is important to get someone who is experienced and insured to do the job. Because Gurley’s is a licensed contractor, we can handle all sorts of projects, both residential and commercial. 

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