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The days of having a boring, concrete slab for a patio are gone. Today’s homeowners, especially those taking advantage of the Mid-South weather, are opting for beautiful, customized patios and decks that bring the aesthetic of their home to the great outdoors! These stunning features extend your living and entertainment space, so you can turn your typical family dinner into a summertime barbeque by the pool. To keep the party going after the sun sets, you can incorporate lighting and create the perfect ambiance. From string lights to lanterns, your guests will never want the night to end!

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Benefits of Patio and Deck Lighting

Patio and deck lighting offers different benefits for your outdoor space, including:

  • Safety and Security
  • Enhanced landscaping

Safety and Security

Installing patio and deck lighting can help keep your home safe and secure. Placing lights by stairs, risers, exits, and handrails can help you avoid tripping and falling after the sun goes down. Well-lit outdoor spaces are also known to deter potential intruders from entering your home! 

Enhanced Landscaping

This type of lighting is also great for enhancing your outdoor area without adding large elements or overcrowding your space. Our patio and deck lighting professionals take your patio or deck’s design into consideration when creating your customized lighting in order to achieve the perfect ambiance and mood. 

Types of Patio and Deck Lighting

Whether you have a cozy patio fit for a small get-together or an expansive deck that can host the whole family, there are a variety of ways to incorporate lighting into your space. Our Memphis-based team can help you find the perfect style of patio and deck lighting for you, like:

  • String lights
  • Gas lanterns
  • Low-voltage accent light fixtures

String Lights

String lights are one of the most affordable options to add outdoor lighting to your deck or patio. These are great options for smaller areas or to use as a separator in a larger space. String lights create a soft, inviting atmosphere that feels festive all year!

Gas Lanterns

Gas lanterns are an extra durable outdoor lighting option, and are a good idea for those that live in more extreme climates. Most gas lanterns are also low-maintenance, which is always beneficial for homeowners. If you’re looking for lighting that’s built to last, gas lanterns may be the right fit for your deck or patio!

Low-Voltage Accent Light Fixtures

Low-voltage lighting has a very natural look and can be strategically placed to highlight certain features of your patio or deck. They can also be used to illuminate areas like:

  • Paths
  • Steps
  • Ledges 

Before Lighting Installation

Installing lighting for your patio or deck is a great investment, but it’s a good idea to take certain factors into consideration before you begin your project. Here’s what the Gurley’s team thinks you should know before committing to patio and deck lighting.


If you don’t properly care for your patio or deck lights, they will slowly weather and lose their value throughout each season. Keeping up with your lighting maintenance will not only keep your outdoor space safe but also keep it looking clean and beautiful. You can maintain your patio lights by:

  • Cleaning and removing dirt, leaves, debris, etc.
  • Replacing damaged cables
  • Checking and replacing damaged fixtures

Your Year-Round Maintenance Schedule


While patio and deck lights can add beauty and value to your home, it’s important to carefully select where they will be placed. It’s a good idea to conceal your lighting cables and wires, as well as select a location that will effectively highlight the best parts of your patio or deck.

Hire a Professional

You may be tempted to save money by installing your patio or deck lighting yourself, but it’s much better to work with a professional. Hiring a team of experts can ensure your outdoor space ends up looking great and help you avoid costly mistakes. Our team at Gurley’s can provide you with the best recommendations for outdoor lighting in Memphis. 

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Patio Lighting at Gurley’s in Memphis

Here at Gurley’s, we are passionate about helping you highlight every beautiful and unique part of your home. We’ll help make your outdoor space an area where you can make memories with your loved ones and enjoy the wonderful Mid-South weather. If you are interested in installing patio or deck lighting, contact our team today for an estimate!

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