Patio and Deck Lighting

One advantage to living in the Mid South is the opportunity to use outdoor spaces year-round. Without rigid winters and with warm temperatures year-round, you can enjoy your pool and patio for several months out of the year. One way to make your patio and outdoor spaces more inviting is through the use of patio lighting. Front porches, back patios, and other spaces are warmer, cozier, and more inviting with the right lighting.

Types of Patio and Deck Lighting

No matter the size and shape of your patio or deck, there are a variety of ways to incorporate outdoor lighting to your relaxing space. Whether you are interested in making your patio feel more intimate and elegant or more bold for events with friends and family, our team can help you find the perfect patio and deck lighting for you. A few popular types of patio and deck lighting are:

  • String lights

  • Gas Lanterns

  • Low-Voltage Accent Light fixtures

3 Things to Know Before Installing Patio and Deck Lighting

As with any outdoor project, there are many things to consider before installing lights for your patio and/or deck. In order to keep your space safe and relaxing, you need to consider every precaution and recommendation our team at Gurley’s can offer. Here are a few things you need to know before selecting what type of lighting to install on your patio or deck.

1. Keep up with patio light maintenance.

Patio lights are a great investment for your home. However, if you do not properly take care of them throughout each season of the year, they will slowly lose their value and longevity. Lighting maintenance will not only keep your outdoor space safe, but it will also keep it looking clean and beautiful. A few ways to keep up with patio light maintenance are:

  • Clean and remove dirt, leaves, debris, etc.

  • Replace damaged cables.

  • Check and replace damaged fixtures.


Your Year-Round Maintenance Schedule

2. Choose the right location for your patio lights.

Patio lights can bring beauty and value to your home, but it’s important to carefully select where they will be placed. If planning or constructing a new patio, it is important to make your lighting wire as hidden as possible.  Be sure to select a location that will accurately highlight the parts of your patio and deck you’d wish to show off the most. For example, you may want your lighting to accentuate the seating area for friends and family to gather. With the help of our lighting experts at Gurley’s, we can help you select the perfect location for your patio lighting design.

3. Hire a professional to install your patio lights.

Though you may want to install patio lights as a DIY project, they may cause you more money and time in the long run. While working with cables and wires for patio lights, hiring a team of lighting experts can prevent potential mishaps from occurring. The team at Gurley’s will also be able to provide you with the best recommendations for the most visually appealing lighting design.

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Patio Lighting at Gurley’s in Memphis

Here at Gurley’s, we are passionate about helping you highlight every beautiful and unique part of your home. We want to help make your seating space  the most relaxing and inviting space possible. If you are interested in installing patio lights, contact our team for an estimate and we will get started on your project!