Memphis Landscape Renovation Project | Gurley's Azalea Garden

Memphis Landscape Renovation Photo through a Custom Gate

Gurley’s completely renovated all the outdoor spaces of this private residence, nestled in the heart of Germantown. Beginning with the front and back foundation areas, we developed a plan for establishing consistency in form and style that flowed from the home’s elegant interior into a natural landscape outside. After finishing the foundation, we moved on to styling the area with container gardening. Using the house’s own proportions and interior/exterior colors and textures to guide us, we installed several attractive pots and planters.

Because longevity and sustainability are high priorities, we next addressed the drainage and plantings along the south side of the property, constructing large stone creek beds to draw water away from the home and prevent pooling. To provide the homeowners a peaceful ambience as they relax on the terrace or walk through the garden, we created a running stream in one of the beds.

Memphis Landscape Renovation Photo

To add another dimension of visual interest and keep the landscape thriving year-round, we installed strategic pockets of seasonal color and varied the elevation with streams and waterfall features. The results are a natural intermingling of formal lines and organic curves that draw the eye across the entire landscape.