French Country Landscape Project in Memphis | Gurley's Azalea Garden

The family sought our expertise to design and build a fountain in their front yard and update the look of their backyard. We wanted to create a courtyard feel but not completely block the view of the home from the road. By creating short walls to outline the space, we created a cozy space that centered around a fountain. 

We began by showing them several different types of fountains that complemented their home’s exterior architecture and interior character, focusing on models with height to accentuate the overall curb appeal. After carefully reviewing each option with the family, they settled on a handsome, multi-tiered fountain. The pleasant sound of water trickling down each of its levels has a balanced, musical quality that enhances the sensory experience of their outdoor environment.

French Country Landscaping Photo

To keep the backyard updates subtle, we incorporated the existing plant material and trees into an inviting courtyard, which gave the overall landscape a layered and more distinctive appearance. Our finishing touch was constructing areas of seasonal color, insuring their yard will astound all year long.