Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How much will my landscaping project cost?

A:  The cost of each project depends upon many factors, including scope, size of the space, types of materials used, etc. We recommend having a general budget range in mind when you schedule a project consultation. This allows us to fully explain the different options available to you within that specified budget. Every project is designed to suit the individual client’s needs, so each quote is customized.


Q:  Do you charge for your landscape design plans?

A:  It depends on how many rounds of revisions are required prior to implementation. Projects can often be complex and have many moving parts, so a well-crafted landscape design is crucial to achieving success. Like creative professionals in any field, we view strategically refining our designs as part of our overall product and do not believe in devaluing the time spent doing this. However, our ultimate goal is to use the design process as a means of communication, not a source of revenue. We treat clients fairly, always.


Q:  Do you offer warranties or guarantees for the work you do?

A:  The following guarantees apply solely to plants installed by our trained landscape professionals and do not extend to plants purchased from the Gurley’s Azalea Garden nursery, then installed by another party.

We offer a 90-day warranty on shrubs and a 1-year warranty on trees, unless the affected plant falls into one of the following three categories:

  • Bulbs, annuals or roses
  • Plants damaged by acts of God, such as extreme or atypical weather conditions
  • Plants damaged through negligence or improper maintenance by a property owner.

Outside of these conditions, any plant that fails to survive the warranty period shall be replaced. 

All seeding and sodding areas shall be warranted to show satisfactory growth for a period of 90 days from date of installation. Plants, seeding, or sodding damaged from major erosion or "wash out" are not the responsibility of Gurley's Azalea Garden, Inc.


Q:  How are payments handled once I commit to your landscape design proposal?

A:  Once a proposal or estimate has been agreed upon, we request that clients sign a copy of the proposal and submit a check for 50% of the total cost as a deposit. This allows us to procure the materials for your project and begin immediately transforming your outdoor space.

For smaller scale projects, the balance of the total cost is due upon completion. For larger scale projects, we are happy to create a payment plan and schedule to accommodate our clients. Not sure where your project falls? Just ask -- we’re flexible.


Q:  How much does the average front yard cost to renovate?

A:  Obviously, there are a lot of factors at play, like the size of your property and its existing geographical features, as well as the timeline of the project and materials involved, but most residential yards start at $2,500. We are happy to give you a more precise, individualized quote after meeting with you and evaluating the project site.


Q:  What patio options are available?

A:  The varieties are nearly endless, and we are always open to any new ideas clients have in mind. In our experience, the most popular materials to use are exposed aggregate concrete, flagstone with concrete subbase, patterned brick pavers or Belgard pavers. Check out our Outdoor Living & Walkways portfolio to see examples of patios we’ve built and find a little inspiration for your own.


Q:  Which types of grass grow best in the shade in the Memphis area?

A:  We typically use and recommend Meyers or Palisade Zoysia, which only needs about 4-6 hours of direct sunlight or 8 hours of reflected light to thrive. We also offer a related variety, Royal Zoysia, that can thrive with only 3 hours of direct sunlight or approximately 6 hours of reflected light. It costs a bit more than its Meyers counterpart, but the Royal Zoysia is the best option for heavily shaded areas.


Q:  I bought a plant at your nursery with a description tag that states it needs “partial shade.” What does that mean exactly?

A:  Because light levels are hard to define, we like to use these examples as a reference guide:

  • FULL SUN: 8 hours unfiltered sunshine between sunrise and sunset
  • PARTIAL SHADE: 8 hours of sunshine filtered through foliage OR 4 hours of unfiltered sunshine between sunrise and sunset
  • SHADE: All-day sunshine filtered through scattered hardwood trees OR unfiltered sunshine no more than 3 hours per day
  • DENSE SHADE: No unfiltered sunshine at all, ideal locations being in the shade cover of another plant or tree OR in the shade between two houses whose shadows prevent sunshine from touching the ground at any point during the day


Q:  We are considering a pond with our new landscape design project. How much maintenance does it require?

A:  Though relatively simple to maintain, there are definitely some tasks required to keep your pond healthy and beautiful. In the fall, we recommended you cover the pond with netting to keep out falling leaves. In the spring, your pond will require opening, cleaning and periodic filter changes. Before moving forward on installing a pond or any other water feature, Gurley’s makes sure each client has all of the pertinent maintenance information at his/her disposal to decide if the upkeep is feasible.



Have more questions? Please contact us, and we’ll be happy to address them.