Custom Porches and Patios in Memphis

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, a custom porch or patio is the perfect addition to your home.  Even if you already have an outdoor space as part of your current home, Gurley’s landscaping professionals can work with you to design and install a patio or porch that reflects your personality, extends your living area, and adds significant value to your property.



Porch Vs. Patio

In most regions of the country, the terms patio and porch are interchangeable.  However similar, they’re not exactly the same.  The biggest difference is whether or not they’re covered or attached to your home.

A porch is a structure with a roof and is typically attached to your home.  It can be either in the front or the back of your house or can wrap around the entire exterior.  A custom porch is a lovely place to entertain guests or family, and usually extends directly from the house.  We love creating these intimate custom spaces, complete with your choice of lighting.  Often times, a porch is the literal face of your home.

In climates where temperatures reach the extremes in both directions, it’s common to see a screened-in porch or those with windows to keep the temperature inside comfortable and pests like mosquitoes and flies out.

Patios, on the other hand, aren’t always attached to the house directly.  A patio these days is almost always paved in stone or brick and can house a variety of other landscaping features.  While adding a pergola or a gazebo to a patio area isn’t uncommon, patios are usually open air and are more versatile.  Create outdoor dining areas, kitchens, or other fun living spaces by bringing a little bit of the indoors out with you.  Encourage your family to spend more time soaking up the sun and fresh air with a custom patio.  Add a pool into the mix and you have a space truly worthy of the host with the most!


Indoor-Outdoor Living

Being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round is the greatest benefit of choosing to enhance your home with a porch or patio.  Seamlessly incorporate your backyard into your home without a costly remodel by creating a functional, multi-use outdoor space.  These days, homeowners are opting to develop smooth transitions between their yards and their homes.

Did we mention that these spaces are good for your health?  As trends begin to focus on making the natural world accessible, even in more urban environments, studies show that spending time in practical outdoor spaces reduces stress and might even improve memory.


Customizable Porches or Patios

When you decide to add or upgrade a custom porch or patio to your home, you have many options to choose from.  Create a rustic space with a variety of brick colors, or stained wood, complete with a roof to match your home.  Choosing stone, brick, or stylish pavers reflects a modern, clean style.  Add custom water or fire feature to the setting, and you’re ready to party.


Curb Appeal

Should you ever decide to pick up stakes and sell your home, having an appealing porch or patio makes a big difference.  You only get to make a first impression once, and your front porch is the face of your home.  Kitchens sell homes and having an outdoor cooking space is likely to tip the scales in your favor.


Gurley’s Knows Patios and Porches

Our knowledgeable landscaping contractors will help you pick out the best materials for your custom project.  We’ve designed and constructed many spaces for our clients over the years, and we’re ready and waiting to show you what we have to offer.  Reach out now to begin your landscaping project!