Custom Pergolas and Cabanas

Custom Pergolas and Cabanas

True backyard enthusiasts have discovered the secret to next-level backyard relaxation is creating a space that both you, your family, and friends look forward to spending time in.  If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your backyard, then Gurley’s recommends a stylish pergola or cabana to extend your living space and keep you cool and dry.  Pair these trendy structures with a custom pool, and get ready to luxuriate in the outdoors.

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Pergola vs. Cabana

Pergola or cabana?  What’s the difference, and which should you choose?  It all comes down to how much cover you’re looking for.

A pergola creates intermittent shade, generally separated by slats of wood or other materials at the top.  Think of it as being shaded by a tree, instead of an umbrella.  It’s not uncommon for garden lovers to train various climbing plants along the pillars and across the top of a pergola, creating a lush green space to relax beneath.  Curl up with a good book amongst the flowers, or get a little sun without completely exposing yourself to the elements.

A cabana, on the other hand, is a full coverage option.  Those who fancy cooking and other forms of entertainment that require shelter from the elements might pursue this option.  We’ve built many beautiful cabanas that house outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens, or even romantic features like fireplaces or firepits.



Extend Your Living Space

Whether you choose a pergola or a cabana, either option is ideal for extending your living space.  A fun day outdoors doesn’t have to end just because the weather takes a wet turn.  A custom cabana can double as a kitchen, dining room, or even a den.  Protect expensive outdoor cooking equipment and keep your food dry during the rainy season.  Mix a drink at a one-of-a-kind wet bar.  Install a TV and some trendy recessed lighting, and a fan to bring a little bit of the indoors with you when you are entertaining outside (watch the game and grill a burger all at once).

Adding a pergola or a cabana effectively creates another room for you to comfortably enjoy on your property.  The possibilities are endless!



Design Options


pool and gazebo at nighttime

When you choose Gurley’s Azalea Garden to design your cabana or pergola, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a basic, out-of-the-box design.  We can take your design from start to finish, or help you develop a layout that will work best for your backyard.

A structure like this should meld seamlessly with its environment, not stick out like a sore thumb.  With the correct positioning, a pergola can even create enough shade to make the hottest of days comfortable.  And if you want to take it a step further, consider adding a retractable shade or some lightweight mesh netting to keep the heat and bugs out.



Pergola Materials

Gurley’s offers a variety of materials to choose from when it comes to designing your cabana or pergola.  Easily match your current outdoor aesthetic with these beautiful materials.  Choose from a variety of beautiful stains, or match stone or brick for a seamless transition.

  • Wood

  • Brick Columns

  • Stone Columns



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Our knowledgeable staff of yard and garden design specialists are ready and waiting to help you achieve ultimate outdoor bliss with advice and know-how.  With nearly sixty years of experience with the Memphis area, we know the materials and plant life that works best year-round for local soils.  We partner with a variety of reliable vendors to provide our clients with the best products, materials, and services possible.

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