Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces in Memphis

At Gurley’s, firepits and fireplaces are some of our favorite projects! After a long, warm summer in Memphis, it can be a bummer when the chilly weather begins to roll in. We can extend your time outdoors by adding a fireplace to your patio, porch, or deck, or even designing an entire space dedicated to entertaining friends and family. These features can be built into the sides of existing structures or even dropped into the ground for a truly striking effect. The possibilities are endless!



Outdoor Fireplace vs. Fire Pit 

Fireplaces and fire pits can be designed to fit your personal aesthetic. By installing a fireplace or fire pit, you can add depth and a focal point to your outdoor living space. When trying to decide between the two, it’s important to consider a few factors:

  • The number of people you wish to accommodate
  • What you want to achieve with your fireplace or firepit
  • The amount your wish to invest 

Outdoor fireplaces are a great statement piece for larger properties and give an extra sense of privacy to an outdoor space. On the other hand, firepits can be more suitable for smaller yards and are usually more budget-friendly than a fireplace. Regardless of which fire feature you choose, it’s sure to not only add value to your home but to your life as well. 

Why We Love Outdoor Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Perhaps the most compelling argument for installing a fireplace or a fire pit is creating a space that you can enjoy no matter the season or the weather.  Extend long summer nights with the light of a fire, or enjoy the crisp, clean fall or winter air with a good book and a crackling fireplace.  The warmth that an outdoor fire installation creates will have the entire family spending more time outdoors, instead of huddled in front of the TV.

Fireplace and Fire Pit Styles

Building a fireplace or a fire pit outdoors is a great way to express the personality of your home from the inside out.  And with so many different styles and arrangements to choose from, it’s never been a better time to build one.

Popular styles include in-ground firepits, double-sided fireplaces, and everything in between.  Choose from a single material to match it to the exterior of your home or other patio pieces, or get creative and build one out of brick, stone, or a variety of ceramic tiles for a modern look. The options don’t stop at traditional hearths.

Gas vs. Wood Burning

Choosing a look and a function is an important part of the process.  These structures can be either gas or wood-burning, but both will make a statement.  For fuss-free fun and elegance, Gurley’s can build a fireplace or pit that switches on with the press of a button.  If you enjoy the earthiness of smoke and the crackling of logs, opt for a wood-burning fire pit to extend your outdoor time year-round. 

Fire Bowls

Looking to add a little bit of curve to your outdoor space?  Opt for a fire bowl.  In essence, a fire bowl is a gas-fueled firepit, however.  Shaped like large shallow bowls, these structures can be filled with beautiful stones or glass, or wood look-alike materials, and add a romantic, modern edge to just about any outdoor setting.  Often made of metal like bronze, copper, or concretes, there are many styles to choose from to match your home.

If you really want to impress your guests, you might consider a water bowl, giving the illusion that your flame is dancing on the surface of a shallow pool.

Fire Tables

Gather friends and family around the dinner table, and then delight them by creating warmth and ambiance right before their very eyes with a custom fire table.  Similar to fire bowls, these dazzling pieces are tables that have a miniature fire pit built into the middle.  Toast a marshmallow, have a glass of wine, and enjoy the night air no matter the season.


For clients looking to add a rustic look to their porch, patio, or garden, and a touch of flame to the outdoors without committing to a full-on fireplace, a chiminea is perfect.  Often hand decorated and made of terracotta or metal, a chiminea is easy to reposition and capitalizes on vertical space.  Chimineas are also great for those who are short on space but still want to enjoy the warmth of a fireplace during all 4 seasons.  Choose from gas or wood-burning options.

Build Your Custom Fireplace

Gurley’s trained staff will help you pick materials, design, and construct your dream fireplace.  We work with your existing space to ensure that whatever fire feature you choose will blend in seamlessly. In order to preserve your current space, we make sure that all surrounding areas are able to withstand the heat. This may include additional stones to protect wood or landscaping. 

Ready to get started? Reach out to one of our team members today!