Clifton "Bud" E. Gurley, Jr.


Clifton (Bud) Gurley Jr. was born and raised in Memphis, TN. At the age of 6 years old, he was exposed to the nursery business nearly every day. Working alongside his father/ owner, Clifton Gurley, Sr., Bud developed a love and an artistic eye for the landscape. If Bud wasn’t in school, he was working long hours at his dad’s nursery learning and studying plant characteristics.

When Bud was just 23 years old, he became president of Gurley’s Azalea Garden, Inc. With a Bachelor of Science and Arts and a Bachelor of Business Marketing from Memphis State University, Bud was confident in his abilities to grow and exceed his father’s expectations of what the company could be. Soon after taking over as president, Bud began to expand the business.

Owning 5- acres of prime real-estate in the heart of Memphis had a lot of advantages in the early years especially. Being chosen as the “Finest Garden Center in Tennessee” for many years already, Gurley’s Azalea Garden has great relationships with all the local and regional plant growers. These factors enabled Bud to procure unique and larger materials that most nurseries couldn’t get their hands on. Making Gurley’s Azalea Garden the best place to get your plants from in the Mid-south area. Bud stays true to that notion today. Gurley’s Azalea Garden is still the #1 provider for unique seasonal color and overall variety of plant material.

In the past decade, Bud’s projects have been featured in numerous local magazines and even national magazines. His vision and unique design style in the landscape is indisputable amongst the entire local landscape industry. Gurley’s goal is to always be innovative and stay ahead of new trends.