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Gardening Tips for Small Spaces

No matter if you have an expansive backyard or a quaint balcony, you can create a stunning garden. If you do have a smaller outdoor area, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration in order to maximize your green space. In this blog, we’ll give you our favorite tips for utilizing your gardening area to elevate your landscaping, like:

  • Grow vertical

  • Try square-foot gardening

  • Containers are your friend

  • Opt for herbs

Grow Vertical

One of the most effective ways to increase your gardening space is to grow vertically. Instead of placing your plants in traditional horizontal rows in the ground or in a planter, use some form of trellis to condense your plants into less square footage. There are so many different mediums you can use to grow vertically, such as:

  • Lattice

  • Stacked planters

  • Ladders

  • Shelving

  • Netting

Growing vertically is also beneficial for the health and longevity of your plants, as well. This method reduces leaf fungus and fruit rot because it keeps fruit off the ground and reduces moisture buildup. Other benefits of vertical gardening include:

  • Easier harvesting

  • Visual interest

  • Increased privacy

Try Square-Foot Gardening

For those who are into vegetable gardens, square-foot gardening might just be the space-saving method for you. This planting technique features a raised gardening bed that’s divided into small blocks instead of rows. The size of the blocks can be customized to fit the size of your preferred produce — you may only need 12x12 inch blocks to grow radishes, but you may need 48x48 inch blocks to grow pumpkins. 

Using blocks instead of rows allows you to use every inch of space available, so you can produce more than a traditional garden set up. Square-foot gardening also lets you plant a wider variety of vegetables, so you can have several delicious choices all year long!

Containers Are Your Friends

If you don’t have a lot of natural green space, containers are an easy solution to create your own. Because gardening containers come in so many shapes and sizes, you can customize the layout of your garden to perfectly fit your space. If you have a skinny front porch, hanging baskets will allow you to increase your curb appeal without crowding your front door area. Or, if you live in an apartment and have a small balcony, a succulent bowl is a great way to showcase several types of plants in one compact container. Other types of containers that are ideal for small spaces include:

  • Window boxes

  • Wall planters

  • Planting towers

  • Grow bags

Opt for Herbs

Most people with limited gardening space know that it’s not the best idea to grow large variations of plants and vegetables. However, herbs are often overlooked by those wanting to grow produce, and they’re some of the best space-saving plants! Because herbs are so small and compact, you can grow a lot of them in a very limited amount of green space, making them the perfect for a windowsill or balcony. They also require a lot less sunlight than other plants, so they’re ideal for those without yards. 

Make the Most of Your Landscape

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