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Guide to Pruning: When Should You Prune, How Do You Prune, & More

What is pruning? Pruning is an essential part of maintaining any healthy garden or landscape. Whether it’s trees, shrubs, or other plants, pruning can help promote growth and allow plants to thrive. Pruning enhances the shape of your greenery as well to keep your landscape clean and visually appealing, which can also add curb appeal to your home. Most importantly of all, pruning removes and helps prevent disease and abnormal growth to help your landscaping thrive as long as possib... Read More

4 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Winter

Preparing Your Yard for Winter It’s getting chilly here in the Mid-South, which means homeowners will need to start prepping their yards for the winter season. With unpredictable weather in the South, it can be difficult to know when and how to start preparing your landscaping. However, it’s better to prepare sooner than later. When done correctly, preparing your yard for winter can be an extremely valuable and rewarding task. We are here to offer you all of the best tips and tri... Read More