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Urban Gardening Becoming Very Popular

For the past couple years, urban gardening has become more popular among our everyday clients. We aren't talking about plowed farms in peoples' yard, but an aesthetically pleasing and organized vegetable & herb garden. Being able to grow your own vegetables and herbs from your own backyard can not only be therapeutic, but rewarding to your family. Plus, it promotes healthy eating habits. If you already have a guiding or just beginning, using the planting schedule w... Read More

Taking You Through the Construction Process

We began this unique job in September of 2016. This was a very fun project to work on as we got to work with a variety of materials that we don't see a lot of in the Mid-south area. Working closely with the client, we went through many options for materials to achieve the modern style that the client wanted. We started construction on the custom gunite spa with a 5 foot accent wall featuring three sheer waterfalls and accent lighting. Choosing a tile for the acce... Read More