The Benefits of Retaining Walls

Accent and retaining walls can be made of brick, stacked stone, decorative blocks or timbers. They are used to define a space, add visual interest, prevent erosion, or even increase functionality. For example, an 18” retaining wall can be used as additional seating, which means less furniture clutter and more accommodation in your outdoor gathering spaces.


Retaining Walls for Drainage Problems

Retaining walls are also an ideal solution for those who have drainage problems. Retaining walls can prevent flooding and soil erosion which can help protect your home’s foundation from water damage that can be costly to repair.

Preventing Soil Erosion

If water drainage problems are causing your soil to erode, it can damage other parts of your yard as well. Retaining walls are particularly beneficial for structures that reside on hills, since they can help redirect water to more desirable pathways that do not cause damage to your landscaping. 

Preventing Flooding and Standing Water

Have problems with standing water? This can be an eye sore and a hassle, particularly if you have kids or pets that love to play in it. Standing water and flooding can also lead to substantial problems with not only your landscaping, but your home and its foundation as well. If your home is built on a slope that is susceptible to flooding, we highly encourage you to consider a retaining wall for flood prevention. The investment is far less than what you can expect to pay should significant problems with flooding arise in the future.


Retaining Walls in Memphis

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